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May 2021

Securing your construction professionals with ease

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When a construction project is being planned and tendered or even when resolution issues require to be concluded, industry leaders need to secure the right people for the job quickly. They find themselves with multiple priorities, as do HR departments, who are already managing the complexities of existing staff and their careers. The last thing these industry leaders need is to review multiple unsuitable CVs which are inevitably submitted for each individual role.

Would you like the process of securing the right people to flow with ease? Would you like to look only at the CVs of one or two candidates who are your best-fit, suitable, qualified for the role and the right cultural fit for your organisation? What if you could spend your time doing your own job, knowing that you can rely on someone with the relevant industry understanding to fast track the search for top talent?

Are you looking for top construction professionals? Working in a partnership with Green Square Services will take away the unnecessary stress and save time and money. We’ve been working with top tier building and infrastructure companies across multiple sectors for several years, sourcing the right people for the specific positions time and time again.

We will ensure that you secure the best fit professionals for your interview process, whilst keeping those candidates engaged and motivated throughout the process. We work in the background utilising our:

  • Direct industry knowledge and experience
  • Extensive network
  • Candidate management systems
  • Commercial and contractual expertise

All good employers will have strategies in place to recruit and retain high calibre talent, but most will agree that a specialist recruitment company is a welcome partner during this time-consuming process.

Green Square Services is a specialist construction recruitment consultancy. We work alongside our clients and partner closely with them to meet their individual business needs.