7 Tips to increase your chances of being hired at your Construction Industry interview


In such a competitive job market, are you always wondering what you can do to stand out from the crowd?

Do you wonder what you should do to be prepared for any question? Interviews in the Construction Industry are usually carried out by senior members of the team. So, it should not come as a surprise to you that they will be seeking to determine whether you’ll make their lives easier or harder. 

They will be working out whether you will be a good fit for their multidisciplinary project team and whether you are someone they can involve in client meetings and rely on to get things done in a timely manner.

Prior to the interview ensure that you take the time to research the types of projects this particular employer regularly undertakes and how your skills are directly transferable to these. Whether they’re asking you to address hypothetical scenarios or ones connected to your resume in particular, the interviewers are interested in the way in which you think about and communicate ideas.

The good news is that they are not necessarily looking for neat and tidy answers. Mostly in fact, they are posing problems you have neither the time or possibly the knowledge to solve adequately. What is actually important is that you demonstrate you’ve got problem-solving skills, persistence and confidence.

Here are 7 of our most useful tips for your next interview:

  1. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification if you don’t fully understand a question.
  2. Give yourself time to think before answering. The interviewer won’t mark you down for pausing, though they will for rushing in and getting it wrong
  3. Be well versed in any issues that may be of concern to the company or industry (for example, strict new covid regulations)
  4. If you feel you can demonstrate an answer better using a diagram don’t be afraid to ask for a paper and pen
  5. f your knowledge of a subject is limited, explain what you do know and demonstrate relevant problem-solving techniques without waffling
  6. Research all the areas the company specialises in.
  7. Ask questions. You should use this as an opportunity to make a decision on whether the company values, culture and future plans are aligned with your career aspirations. You might want to ask the interviewer what he or she enjoys most about working there.

At Green Square Services we understand how important interview preparation is and we will always ensure we have a pre-interview debrief where we will discuss likely interview questions and provide expert advice on how to demonstrate your strengths to potential employers. If you are ready for your next career move visit our website and submit your resume. www.gsqs.com.au